Results – 2019 Soapbox


KX3 to a dipole, 5W. This was a great QSO Party and I appreciate all the HI stations who participated. I was able to get exchanges with about two-thirds of the stations I heard; That’s two stations out of three! 20M was the band with most activity for me; I heard one call on 15M but was not able to work that one. Oh well!  In any case, thanks for the QSOs and I look forward to next year.


I also heard NH6JC on Kauai at abt 0415 UTC on 14034 but was not able to work them! Elecraft K3 100W to KT34XA antenna (20M up). I also went up my second and third morning but none was heard.


4th Hawaii QSO Party


Many thanks to the Hawaiian stations for getting on. I wish conditions had been better.


Thank you for the HI QSO Party.


Skookumlogger K3S KPA1500 OB40-2 2XA-3B-12L wires. CW-only. HQP is special for me; I was permanently infected by the contesting virus that I acquired operating KH6RS in the early ’70s.  40 was terrible until our sunrise. After sunrise in HIL, I listened to KH6LC with infrequent excursions to work spots. 25 hours and 23 QSOs later, something reset my P3 and I took that as a sign to retire. More listening to the HIL beacon on Sunday; somewhat amused at the number of different ways skimmers busted that call – which was being sent with perfect CW. Four bands with KH6CC (easy), WH6R (not easy). Somehow I worked AH6C on 80 but not on 40, 20, or 15. I remain mystified how I failed to work KH6LC and KH6TU on 80.


Bands were poor here plus a few local storms 73 John


Where are all the Hawaians??? I had fun anyway … HI HI


First time in this QSO party. Despite horrible static crashes on the low bands, and even 20M. At times, with 15M only good for one QSO (KH6LC). I’m glad I participated. Having my little C3E stuck west was no handicap.


This was my first time participating in the contest. Had a nice time contacting numerous stations from the islands. Band conditions were a challenge. bit ,u 100 watts and a wire seemed to make the trip. Not many QSOs, but it was fun anyway.


Used SD for the contest. It’s great!  Condx very poor here. No prop above 20M


This is another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook. Amidst all the other QSO parties and the YO-DX contest I found time to look for HI stations remotely as NX6T from Fallbrook. The Hawaiian turnout was so poor that, finally, out of desperation I switched the callsign to me (WQ6X) for a few more QSOs. I was disappointed by the lack of HI stations playing in their own contest; then again, I say that every year. Read more about this gig at: HTTP://WQ6X.BLOGSPOT.COM


Many thanks for another enjoyable Hawaii QSO Party. Signals were strong on all bands here in Florida.


Rig was FTDX5000 and Butternut vertical. Nice to make my annual QSO with KH6LC; he’s always there.