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The next one:   August 24 2024 to August 26

The log submission time limit has expired. If you still have not submitted your log please contact us. If you don’t know, the list of accepted logs is here. Final 2023 results are here.

The Hawai`i QSO Party (HQP) is an event to promote HF operation from the unique Hawai`i destination in the Pacific. Hawai`i is an ARRL DXCC entity as well as the nation’s 50th state needed for the ARRL WAS Award.
The historic town of Lahaina, Maui was burned to the ground recently. 80% of all buildings are gone. Most of those were individual homes. If you can, please help with donations. There are many organizations helping. Here are a few:
Some common questions:
*  Grid Squares are allowed instead of QTH name IF the mode does not allow QTH names to be logged.  For details click HERE
*  HI stations may move from one district to another if they identify as being in that district. For example: AH7RF/KOH is a different station than AH7RF/KON and can be worked again on the same band and mode. Such mobile stations must submit a separate log for each activation.
*  Other contests run concurrently or overlap with HQP. For instance, WW Digi, OH and KS QSO parties.  You can enter any or all of them and send a combined log to us so long as you have at least one Hawaiian QSO. Then send the same log to the other contest sponsors.  Or, keep separate logs for each. Your choice.
*  When uploading your log be sure to include this line in your Cabrillo header:
*  Having trouble generating a Cabrillo log file? Try this handy  webform.
UPLOAD your log here:  HQP Log Upload Page
*  Spotting is allowed and encouraged. Check out this  tool.
      Please note that spotting yourself is NOT allowed.

Some fun stuff:

Hawaii QSO PartyThe Trailer

We do it  Island Style.

Who doesn’t like hula?

Mahalo to Icom America for supporting HQP awards.