NH6YK 2011

Hawaii QSO Party 2011 NH6YK

I operated NH6YK from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – a new “mult” in the contest. I believe I was the only participant from the VOL multiplier, which meant there was no chance of me working that mult!        (Ed. Unbeknownest to Ted, Max KH6ZM operated KH6CC from the park).

On Friday Evening, I set up and operated from the Kilauea overlook picnic area. A nice location with a shelter and two tables. I put the generator (Thanks KH6SX!!) outside the shelter, and put a mag-mount “hamstick” on the car, parked close enough to the shelter so the coax would reach… With my normal problems (RF feedback and the like) – I finally got things up and running and made a few contacts. Art (KH6SX) came over with some food, so we also had a bit of talk story, and finally the band sort of faded. Sometimes it felt that I was just working the Hawaii stations ☺ though I did have a nice chat with ZS3Y, and, as is my normal fate, I could hear more people than I worked.

Due to another commitment, I couldn’t operate during the day on Saturday, but, when that was over, I trundled all the gear up to the top of the Mauna Loa Access Road – about 6600 ft up. Arriving there just after sunset, it took me a little longer than the previous evening to set up. However, with a vertical dipole for 20M and a great takeoff angle – pretty close to a virtual 6600 ft tower with a view to the East, from North to South. Mauna Loa was to the west, but it is a gentle rise, so it wasn’t too bad in that direction.

With this, that and the other, I got started even later, but, the vertical wire dipole was a lot better than the ham-stick☺and the site was quieter, and what a view! I could see the glow in Halema’uma’u and occasionally the glow from Pu’u ‘O’o as its activity changed and clouds moved around.

More DX that evening as the sun rose in Europe! Though it faded out for me as it got later. As it got a little chilly, and the band faded, I figured it was time to pack up and head down the twisty road.

So – with a little more than 3 hours of actual contest seat time – something like 50QSOs in 18 DXCC entities (counting KH6/KL7/K) and 10 States / 2 provinces. Certainly not stellar, but fun nonetheless! I can only imagine what would have happened if I had all of Friday night and Saturday to play!!!

If I’m here next year, I’ll be in the park again, maybe you can join me!

DXCC Worked: DL, DU, EA, ES, F, G, GD, I, ON, PA, SM, UR, VE (BC/AB), VK, ZS (K, KH6, KL7)

WAS Worked AK, CA, GA, KS, NV, OH, OR, TX, WA (HI)